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Another story says that from San Zaccaria, whom she had befriended, could visit and worship.Adriana left the oratory to the nuns, who kept it up until it was destroyed by a fire which swept the whole district in 899.The effect of St Lucy's eyes floating above her chalice is very odd and frog-like.St George fights the dragon in the impressive Dutch-influenced landscape below.The first written record dates from 1193, the year in which the church was rebuilt and reconsecrated following the fire.The current church was built in 1618-1639 to designs by Francesco Contino, with further work in 16.

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The fourth altar, the Altare dei Compra Vendi Pesce, has a Presentation by Tintoretto.

It's also unusual in including Tobias and the Angel amongst the attendant saints.

The dog bears a striking similarity to the one in Titian's Tobias and the Angel Raphael, now in the Accademia.

The statues are, from the top, the redeemer, the annunciation and the prophets The form of the interior dates from the original 14th Century Gothic building, but most of the decoration is later. There are twelve columns down each side, with gilded statues in each of the spandrels, much gilding of the arches, and a frieze of of paintings by late-17th and early-18th century painters you won't have heard of.

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The church has no transept but has odd big singing galleries suspended either side of the apse entrance.The cloister of the former monastery (see right), which was rebuilt in the mid-17th Century and suppressed in 1810, has an entrance to the right of the faade.